In these videos that we have complied for you here, we have interviews with previous Isaiah Project Interns and Hosts.  You can listen to them talk about their experiences with The Isaiah Project in the individual clips we have listed on this page.  You may hear echoes of your call or you may find that yours is unique.  Either way, we hope you enjoy hearing about our interns’ and our hosts’ experiences. Please select the person’s name below to hear about their experience with The Isaiah Project.

I Never Imagined...


Eric Bryant - Host



Other Host Videos

Warren Hopper

Rick Johnson


Derek Robinette


Tom Smith



Sheryl Farfan Tello – Intern



Other Intern Videos

Chay Smithson Will Decker Lindsay Million
Holly Tumblin Phillip Duff Summer Papajeski
Caleb Wheat Jeannie Fulkerson Monique Scroggins
Travis Barrix Angel Gustavison Michael Thompson
Ron Beaton  Renee Hudgell Matthew Tolliver
Brittany Burton Cy Hudson Evan Vickers
Josiah Brock Molly Jack Scott Woodburn
Kenya Cummings Kyle MacDonald David Zimmerman
Terry Cunningham    





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