Hosting Congregations

A Hosting Congregation is a Nurturing Congregation that goes one step further.  This congregation is one that is able to see its way clear to actually have an Isaiah Project Intern on the staff for the summer.  Hosting Congregations will make a financial commitment, but more importantly they will make a personal commitment involving both lay and clergy leadership.  They will provide an experiential learning opportunity for an Isaiah Project Intern that will allow them to explore God's call in a powerful way.  Hosting Congregations allow interns to experience serving God and the Church in a formative and discerning way.  Congregations who would like to host an Isaiah Project Intern should contact the Office of Ministerial Services by phone: 502-425-3884 or e-mail:


(502) 425-3884 or (800) 530-7236
The Kentucky Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church
7400 Floydsburg Rd
Crestwood, KY 40014